Owning business will not make you rich, managing business properly will bring you time, money peace of mind.

Administrative Services

We provide administrative services that help you manage your business well

Such as

Payroll management

It is a waste of time for the business head to go behind constantly recurring clerical jobs like payroll management and waste a lot of critical business time. Focz, with its top notch software and manpower, can solve this issue for you by taking up the job to relieve you from the pressure.


Warehouse managing and other purchases are a headache if the inventory is not kept well and up to date. There can be quite a lot of automations happening in this aspect and as Focz is well informed and up to date in this field, our expertise would be a valuable asset to any entrepreneur.

Sales & Strategy

A strategic planning is required to boost the sales of any product or service and Focz can help you identify the strengths of your product and fine tune your marketing strategy market to meet the demand.  Product promotions and highlights, and strategize and forecast sales are some of the other services that we can provide to help you.


Focz is capable of making your products visible in the market using many advanced information technology as well as traditional methods like print and visual media. A company’s online presence will benefit in getting the attention of interested people.

Book keeping

Arranging the everyday sales transactions could be quire cumbersome and if it is not done properly, it could lead to chaos when it is time for IT returns and other accounts management. We help you do this by managing your book keeping on a daily basis so that you save money when it is time for IT submissions.


Year ending is a nightmare for many businesses which are not disciplined throughout the year. However Focz can set everything right for you with your help. Whether it is just IT submission or for setting the accounts right for business analysis we are there with you.

Human Resource Management

Managing the manpower of an organization is a tricky process because the most difficult thing in the world is man management. In addition businesses always expand from time to time and that will demand for extra capable candidates to take the new responsibilities. Focz can help you manage employees and the Focz database can find you suitable ones to strengthen your workforce.

Tax planning

Improper money management will lead a firm to unnecessary loss in terms of tax. We can help you by moving and arranging the accounts in such a way that the tax benefits are at the maximum to our customers. Structured cash flow and proper accounting heads will ensure that you don’t lose your hard earned money.

Financial control

Experts at Focz can analyze your business, projects, budget and finance-related transactions to ensure that your course is right. We can make certain accurate reporting, remove fraud, and protect resources of the organization so that it can work tangibly. This kind of control over finances must be an integral part of a company to find and avoid issues even before they pop out.

Legal services

Running a business is easy when there are no changes happening, but it becomes complicated when you try merge, take over or incorporate new ideas into it. Legal experts at Focz can help you prepare fool proof legal documents that cover all the aspects of your business deals in such a way that you can peacefully go ahead with the transaction.

you take care of your business, rest is assured with Focz