Succession planning and Business Continuity services

Leading in a Time of Crisis

Fcuz is a digitally-powered, creatively-inspired consulting firm. We help our clients unlock growth by focusing on four key solution areas:

Everybody is Counting on You

You can’t make a mistake. Who do you talk to?

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Focz Business Services started in  2104 as a small media marketing company in Regina Saskatchewan Canada, Since then It has been an amazing journey with you all , which is still kicking on well. We’ve been with you in every aspects of your business and we’re quite thankful for the given opportunity to work with you.

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Why we are special

Our undeterred focus on any given task has always met the expectations of our clients. Our exclusive treatment of business projects with an eye for sustainability keeps us apart and ahead from our competitors. Let us share your vision to take you where you want to go.

Technology Driven -  we see the possible Disruption

Adapting to changes is one of the best practices in any business, hence at Focz we have adopted the advancements in technology to help us resolve problems of our customers. By reducing the human involvement to minimum, we have streamlined our processes in such a way that they are completed in a flash without delay. Quick and proactive business process is quite important in ever changing business world.

Giving back commitment- We want your continues trust

Your trust in us is our strength of commitment. At Focz we will do everything to be there with you in every need to keep up your trust in us. We consider doing business as an ongoing process for life and that is our dedication to our patrons. Our loyalty extends to such an extent that you will never have to worry about the tasks being done through us.

Cost effective -Putting money back to our business

Our technology driven business model, expertise and knowledge in the domain are utilized for finding cost effective solutions for our valuable patrons. Business entities are like a jigsaw puzzle, when all pieces are in place, then only it is effective. It requires a holistic look see all corners of the entities to find an apt solution.

Birds eye view - Your success is our success

Business becomes stagnated after running for some time. It may be because of competitors, lack of momentum or losing the edge. Whatever it may be Focz can help you get on track again by analyzing the cause and streamlining the processes. We work as a third eye to your business to lead you to success. We are driven by your success.

Giving back to the Community - Our Philanthropy

We work with many non – profit and charity organizations to do our fare share by providing no charge services to them, we volunteer paid hours and make monitory donations. We all want to share our extra talents to make the community we live a haven.

Our Services

What we are offering
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Start Up Serivices

Expertise of Focz can help you from the very inception of your dream project. Just...

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Business Operational and Management Services

Owning business will not make you rich, managing business properly will bring you time, money...

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Succession planning and Business Continuity services

You build your business, you dedicated your best times to this business, you sacrificed many...

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